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Belgium: Brugge.

Brugge, Bruges, Бельгия / 10 ноября 2016

Many people turn up their noses at Brugge, calling it touristy, vulgar and vignette.

“What would you do there? Buy chocolate and lace?”

With all due respect: “As your faith is, let it be done to you” (c).

The same thing about Venice: they say water stinks in there. So what? It doesn’t really matter.

Of course, if you’re no more than a tourist brought here by bus to be part of the crowd in the city center during the day, you’ll hardly succeed. It’s like to seeing Tokyo from a bus window while listening to a guide, or trying to find the best restaurant with the help of tripadvisor.


If you remain here for a night or two, preferably – in a fancy hotel, and if you go out for dinner in the evening when there’s no one around, all people staying behind shiny windows or perhaps in the square, you’ll see a completely different picture. Or imagine another picture: it is only 8 a.m. and tourists do not exist, they just haven’t been invented yet, you’re alone in the city, but there’s plenty of life around, boats, the smell of caramel, clapping doors, and the low sun on water.

And yes, it is very tasty here!

Brugge, Bruges, Бельгия