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Garden of Dreams (Kaiser cafe): European Equilibrium in the Center of Kathmandu.

Garden of Dreams, Kathmandu, Central Development Region, Nepal / 08 мая 2017

It’s a rare occasion when a place is not really about the food. Well, the food is tasty, “usual and tasty”™. However, by standards of Nepal, a country that doesn’t place much emphasis on gastronomy, it is very tasty indeed.

But it’s about something else. Namely, the teleporter.

Therefore, this is a complex service. Besides food, you get a very special mood, and that’s worth a lot.

You make your way through dusty (well, not all that dusty as they warned), tight, multi-colored, sizzling and beeping Kathmandu. Everything around is quite the same when suddenly, behind a huge brick wall in an arch with beige vases/fountains… something STRANGE flashes.

A window to Imaginary Europe.

There is a perfect garden. It has careful lines, a pond, a sea of flowers, cascade terraces, huge trees, and squirrels with striped backs. But it isn’t just a garden. There’s an incredible tranquility in the static warm air. You unplug slowly, and note by note everything sweeps out of your head. Pheeeewww, silence arises and feather grass quietly and slowly undulates inside your brainpan.

Couples are lying on the lawn that looks like a carpet, with flowers all around, in the shadow of trees. Someone speaks on the phone in French; in general, you can hear many different languages being spoken around in conversation. The whole scene looks absolutely unreal, reminiscent of the cinematic idea of an equilibrium future, if you remember the last luxurious quarter of London in the film “Children of Men”.

“Anton! Come on! YOU’RE IN FUCKING KATMANDY, IN THE HIMALAYAS! Look at the peaks above the trees, aha!”

Ok. Now about the food.

There is also, of course, a restaurant. At once you realize that the expats have built a nest for themselves in here. The menu has everything you might wish for, from Zagreb chicken to T-bone and Salade niçoise including Nepalese specialties. “There’s everything in there” (c).

Everything is of equal quality without any discoveries. But again, use your imagination and put yourself on this terrace in front of the pond, in the evening, with the squirrels flickering and birds chirping in static everlasting May air.

Really, do enjoy!

PS: Oh yes, ribeye is the most expensive dish (quite edible), $18.

Garden of Dreams, Kathmandu, Central Development Region, Nepal