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Loca: Better Eat Better (c).

Loca, Stubenbastei, Vienna, Austria / 17 мая 2017

A modest establishment for the «fashionable» Vienna: without rococo, gold, and even that beggar style rock crystal. The Chaldean at the entrance (provincially dressed, monstrous but pretensions, as it usually happens in other places) not only doesn’t bother you with his “do not enter for lunch wearing capris” (confusing them with shorts), but is literally absent – in brief, this is not Vienna.

In general, no country chic.

Modest interior, good, absorbing. ONE waiter for 8 tables, an old man. BUT WHAT A MAN – just perfect. We were watching him with joy all our short night there (the serving was fast). He was not unceremonious but neither a nerd nor a snob, advisable but not imposing. He did everything with the speed of an eighteen-year-old – and that’s called chic.

There is no menu.

You are told immediately about the set of six dishes (would you like to prolong?). Made strictly of local food/specialties. Every week they have two new items.

Everything is very simple but also fresh and tasty.

Even «sushi» with the hated mackerel, with avocado, fennel and dill – do go well.

Duck with asparagus.

Fish (from a lake) with mashed parsnip.

Cake with rhabarber.

Unlike all those heavy, stagnant and clumsy, like sex without grease, Viennese canteens «for aristocracy» (which cause, alas, nothing but pity) – this place is a breath of fresh air.

The food is delicious: no bullshit, clear and easy enough. In my opinion, this is an achievement for the “tank” Vienna.

Do enjoy.

Loca, Stubenbastei, Vienna, Austria