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Retro: Wildly Delicious Georgian Retro-Adjarism™.

54/62 Zurab Gorgiladze St, Batumi, Georgia / 18 июля 2017

Adjaruli. Lobiani. Salads. Pizza. Lemonade.

That’s it.

You can see for yourself that here in Batumi even in the most typical Georgian café you can extraordinarily pork out as well as have some decent dietary lunch.

It all usually starts like this:

“… oh well the Mingrelian khachapuri in Sisa-Tura is actually better. Adjarian one with an egg and a knob of butter – too boring for my taste but good, indeed! Still we’d better get it with meat. Ok, with meat, yes, though the Mingrelian one also sounds good. Or should we stick to the cheese one after all, the one with an egg? Or the “two-storeyed” one, the Mingrelian?”

In this place they have only one type of khachapuri – the Adjarian one – the rest is just memories. We order one, medium size, with cheese, and one with meat. They also have it in the large size and the Titanic – I don’t even dare to imagine it.

But… pay attention that with all the feast of boiling cheese and knobs of butter, its edges are empty. There’s no thick dough going on all around.

It happens the same way everywhere:

An aalogue of Caesar salad looks like the last farewell to someone trying to lose weight but actually, it’s nothing more than some great vegetables under the kefir and sour cream sauce.

Let alone the Greek salad. You can live off it: always juicy, with a drop of vinegar, savory vegetable mix. Even I, meat-eater as I am, find it incredibly delicious. It makes me think of several days on a plant diet.

See the pictures, there’s nothing more to talk about.

The article’s finished, do enjoy.

PS: oh yeah and everything in the pictures was almost for free.

54/62 Zurab Gorgiladze St, Batumi, Georgia