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Sushi Rinda: Incredible Sushi in a Residential Area of Tokyo and Six Types of Citrus Juice at $1350 for Four.

Sushi Rinda, Meguro, Tokyo, Japan / 11 ноября 2017

Okay, first of all, it’s tasty. Secondly, it’s fucking insanely tasty. Thirdly, it’s located in a godforsaken hole. And then, it’s also expensive. I don’t know how much the set is. We came and sat down behind the counter as if we were guests: there was neither a menu, nor any questions, except for allergy, of course. So we just sat there and ate. The verdict was “145,000 Yen ($1,350)” for 4 people, though including a sea of sake. This certainly isn’t gratis. Yet it’s worth it.

Trust me.

First you have to get to this residential piece of the city which is next to Shibuya. It takes time: be ready for that.

We enter – they’re expecting us.

The place is located on the first floor of a high-rise apartment building. It faces the road and has opaque windows. As a matter of principal there’s no design, but just a counter for 10 people (you’re 5 of them) – our kind of place!

We take a seat and at once they pour us some drinks. “Umeshu rokku, kudasia”.  Everything’s as we like it.

They start “serving dishes”.

And here come masses of revelations: just for you the sushi-master, like a surgeon, cuts the multilayered nigiri of different types of tuna by means of his meter-long knife – so that you get chutoro, otoro and akami; everything goes into one sushi or roll.

Courses come one after another. Either you get them from the counter or they just hand them to you, or it’s tempura in a tea cup.

Everything is incredibly delicious. It’s cut right in front of you. There’re no sets on wooden boards.

Only exclusively craft sushi that come one by one. They’re wet, shiny like Christmas ball ornaments and bring explosions of taste bombs that roll across your palate.

Do enjoy!

PS: Oh yeah, they also have 6 kinds of orange juice for dessert. Starting from musky-bitter one up to the sugary sweet. They say the younger brother owns a farm.

PPS: And yeah, when leaving the place you have to drink a bowl of sake with the sushi-master – they say it’s a tradition – and it’ll surely be a huge one.

Sushi Rinda, Meguro, Tokyo, Japan