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Cafe Blanc: If Shopping Catches You Unawares.

Cafeblanc Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates / 28 мая 2018

Not a review, rather a small note.

If you happen to shop in Dubai Mall – and, most likely, you will, when in Dubai, ‘cause there’s absolutely nothing to do here), you can safely go for a snack to Café Blanc.

The thing is that by chance I’ve been coming to this department store for many and many times and therefore had an opportunity to taste nearly half of the food market’s assortment. Starting from Armani (the café in the mall; though their nearby restaurant isn’t actually impressive, not in the least bit, if only by its prices) up to Thai Wagamama, Red Lobster, and some “Japanese” fast food (where fish travels on rails), and so on.

To be honest, everything is very «so-so» (which was duly expected).

‘What did you want? In a shopping mall!’ you’d say.

‘Something to drink/eat/relax!’ I bravely retort. ‘Shopping is a very energy-intensive activity’.

So, willy-nilly you’ll have to eat something here. And if there’s no desire to drag yourself somewhere-fuck-knows-where with your bags full of consumerism shit and “hunger catches you unawares”, you can land right there, on the spot.

Cafe Blanc is the Lebanese cuisine. Delicious hummus, babaganush and mutabal (eggplant puree with various toppings).

Excellent large salads with greens, baked beetroots, cheese, kinoa, nuts, etc.

Proper fresh juices (demand a pomegranate one!).

For the main course, we had some local thing: lamb with rice and various spices/herbs baked under thin lavash. Perfect! Especially when it comes with pomegranate sauce (ask for it, they bring it separately).

We haven’t ordered the desserts, though. (New dresses completely spoil appetite).

Well, and a pleasant bonus: you can sit on the terrace facing fountains and smoke a hookah. Or (a lifehack!!) leave your boys there and go to zero out their credit cards)).

Cafeblanc Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates