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Moscow-Delhi: The Best Way to Spend 2,000 Rubles at Patriarshiye Ponds.

Yermolayevskiy Lane, 7, Moskva, Russia, 123001 / 25 июня 2018

This is the most proper way to spend 2,000 rubles at Patricks, as I believe.

There’s no menu, you find yourself not in a restaurant, but in a manually gleaned space.

You have to take your shoes off, pay 2,000 rubles and get a set:

A drink made of cilantro, mint, cucumber, black pepper; a soup of almond milk and lentils, a curry set, and a dessert.

By the way, there’s also no receipt, they simply give you your change.

Clearly, the design is the owners’ dream come true: everything’s brought from India, up to old wooden green shelves and travelling bags where they store rice, “right after the trip”.

It’s very warm inside, almost hot; flavors and light make you want to fall asleep.

No marketing, no business component.

Hitting here, you can take a break from the word “establishment”.

Do enjoy.

Yermolayevskiy Lane, 7, Moskva, Russia, 123001