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Dhaba India: Superb India in the Heart of Tokyo.

Dhaba India Restaurant, 2 Chome, Tokyo, Japan / 18 апреля 2017

Perhaps, I’m just not acquainted with South Indian cuisine enough and actually all the restaurants that serve it are as awesome as this one. Yet something prompts me that it isn’t quite so.

A little aside from the poshness of Ginza and those backstreets ever-smelling of food and packed with drunken crowds on Alfa Romeo and Rolls-Royces, closer to the ultra-formal Nihonbashi there’s a restaurant. 

Oh well, it’s just like any other restaurant: there’s a door, a pencil case, purple walls… a crowd… Indians that always eat with their hands (?)… an open kitchen(?!).

That’s our place.

To be honest, I’m madly in love with Indian cuisine. I acknowledge several typological items within it: soups, naans, rice, curry, and tandoori.

Again, to tell you the truth, all types of curry are practically the same: okay, chicken tikka masala and lamb in some way differ one from another, yet under a thick dense layer of the super-aromatic sauce all the nuances… mmm… are “slightly lost”.

Only not here.

Whether the Japanese pestered the life out of Indian food, or whether this is the initiative of Indians themselves, but if you order five different types of curry, you will indeed get five DIFFERENT CURRIES. A real wow!

And it comes with all the nuances.

Lemon curry with shrimps should be treated separately. If it’s a local invention, it must be legislatively spread all around the world: shrimps can be fucking thrown away, instead you can put there rice and just really bite into the plate.

And then you may also be willing to lick everything with bread.

There’re some kinds of additives everywhere: the thinnest shavings of yuzu zest, some root crops of the same shape, and, talking about curry, you don’t see any colored liquid there but rather a compound-complex soup; we’d definitely call it soup.

All the rest is also fucking well done. That’s it. FUCKING AWESOMELY cooked. My only regret is that it’s not spicy enough.

There’s always a crowd. There’s a huge crowd for lunch.

Call them.

Dhaba India Restaurant, 2 Chome, Tokyo, Japan