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Da Dong Roast Duck (in Reel Mall): Superduck and Really Tasty Installations in a Million Calories.

Da Dong Duck (in Reel Mall) / 27 апреля 2017

Well, first of all, it is beautiful!

To begin with, you have to call there a week before you plan to visit. It will be even better if you entrust it to people at Park Hyatt or else, this will surely be more efficient.

They managed to find us a free table at 18.00 only on one of four days.

Then, you’d definitely better come with some Chinese people, but we came without any, call us the brave ones.

If you are not supported by any Chinese, remember that for the Chinese there is only one type of people who they treat humanly – the Chinese.

The first thing that strikes your attention is the Chinese hyper glamour. The interior is fucking awesome. For example, at the turn to the restroom there’re clouds with huge rhinestones hanging from the ceiling. I’m really talking about the huge ones! A fucking sky with diamonds.

Something incredible is going on at the next tables, where on the extremely beautiful plates, which in their turn are served on stub cuts, stones, hydrochloric bars, etc they bring you SOMETHING. And this something smells all over the huge hall to the extent that your stomach, being really hungry, starts to suffer from a severe cramps. I mean it smells delicious, if someone didn’t get it right.

Next. There’s a grossbuch on the table, which consists of about 150 pages and is made of some very expensive A1 size semi-cardboard – the menu. The first part is plain text, then there comes the food list provided chapter by chapter large pictures. The pictures can easily go for a finely illustrated catalog.

We sit down, we are being slow, we are looking at the book.

In the end, we ordered a duck and a little bit of everything (oh well, here everything means about 5 percent of the entire “repertoire”).

Ok, the duck. As usual, a special person performs its posthumous execution on a separate table. He’s waving a huge knife and cutting the duck into pieces, each time with one swipe (by the way, the duck is tremendous).

You receive it in three stages: first classic, then they make a duck burger with hollow buns, and finally you get wings/legs. THIS IS SO FUCKING DELICIOUS! I’ve gobbled up a lot of Peking ducks in my life and, judging by the infinite serving of them in this place, this is what it is famous for.

Afterwards we had some “less familiar” stuff, but not less tasty: starting from foie gras in disguise of Nanking cherry and up to wagyu with violets. Except for the calories, everything was superb.

A plate of jiaozi is a separate case. It was so very close to what I know from my childhood, to the Muscovite homemade dumplings, molded by my mom.

Generally speaking, this was a remarkable experience.

Do enjoy!

Da Dong Duck (in Reel Mall)