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Uzbechka №1 (chain): Pilaf, Meat, Pilaf, Pilaf, Pilaf.

Yengbekshiler Street 21, Astana 020000, Kazakhstan / 14 августа 2017

I’ll be brief: pilaf is fucking good in here. Yeah, it’s really fucking great!

We’ve tried it in other places, including the fancy ones. Nothing special.

Ok, the truth is that we came by midnight, and in “Uzbechka” there was nothing left but pilaf and tea as they honestly told us. They make pilaf in one huge kazan and only afterwards they endow it with a certain set of additives according to the different names in the menu. Naturally, it comes to an end very quickly. But as long as it hasn’t finished yet, it scatters you all over. It’s low-fat and in each rice grain there’s a “symphony of taste”.

Very, very, very delicious pilaf, man.

Huge portions, but you keep staying there and, though feeling a little ashamed, you still try to eat it all up because to quit eating is absolutely impossible.

That’s it.

Yengbekshiler Street 21, Astana 020000, Kazakhstan